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SL-Message 1.05.0003 Download Page

SL-Message 1.05.0003

Publisher's Description:

SL-Message - A powerful replacement for winpopup with remote-taskmanager and scripting-language, network timeservice, send messages to groups/single workstations, flexible messagefiltering, remotely executes commands, shell extension, vbs-scripting, plugins

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User License Agreement:

seliSoft Softwareentwicklung SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR SL-Message PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! There are two license agreements, that you both must accept ...

Show Full License

seliSoft Softwareentwicklung

There are two license agreements, that you both must accept in order to test
SL-Message for 30 days. If you are using the registered version, only the
second license agreement applies. Please read them carefully!

Additional License Agreement only for the Trial Version
This is software product is not free. Subject to the terms below, you are
hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge
for a period of 30 days. If you use this software after the 30 day evaluation
period, you have to buy a license. Please check out the section "How to order"
for more information. Unregistered use of SL-Message after the 30-day
evaluation period is in violation of German and international copyright laws.

Provided that you verify that you are distributing the evaluation version
you are hereby licensed to make as many copies of the trial version of this
software and documentation as you wish; give exact copies of the original
trial version to anyone; and distribute the trial version of the software
and documentation in its unmodified form via electronic means. There is no
charge for any of the above.
You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting donations, for
any such copies, however made; and from distributing the software and/or
documentation with other products (commercial or otherwise) without prior
written permission.

License Agreement for Trial and Registered Version
Agreement conditions to the utilization of seliSoft-Products is subsequently
applicable to you, the end-user (hereafter referred to as ‘licensee’). Through
installing the delivered computer program on to an electronic processing unit
you thereby consent to these agreement conditions. Therefore please carefully
read the following text in full. You may not install the software if you don´t
agree with these terms of contract.

1. Subject to the agreement
This agreement concerns the computer program recorded on the data carrier
(disk) the program description and operating instructions, and all other
accompanying written material. These are referred to as software from here on.
seliSoft would like to point out that, due to the state of technology, it is
not possible to produce computer software than will function throughout
employment and configurations without any errors at all. Therefore only
software, that is used according to program description and instructions of
use, is subject to this agreement.

2. Extent of use
For the duration of this agreement seliSoft grants you the simple, not
exclusive, personal right (referred to as 'license' in the following) to use
the enclosed copy of seliSoft software on a single computer, and in one place
only. If the computer is a system for multiple users, you need a single license
for every user. As licensee you may transfer substantial software (i.e. stored
on a data carrier) from one computer to the other, yet on the condition that is
wiped from the computer initially used. Any further usage is not permitted.

3. Special restrictions
The licensee is prohibited from:
a) entrusting the software or the accompanying written material with a
third party, or making it accessible for him/her without written approval
from seliSoft,
b) altering, translation, breaking down the development, decompiling or
disassembling the software without former written permission from seliSoft,
c) producing works resembling the software or duplicating written material,
d) from translating or altering the program or creating versions of written

4. Rights of Ownership
With the purchase of this product you are only entitled to the possession of
the substantial software data which the software is recorded on. This does not
include the acquisition of rights to the software itself. seliSoft reserve the
right to publicize, reproduce, alter or exploit the software.

5. Reproduction
The software and accompanying written manual is protected by copyright. If the
software does not include copy protection, its reproduction is only permitted
when for security purposes. You are obliged to include the seliSoft copyright
annotation with the security copy. No copyright statement or therein
registration number from the software may be removed. The copy or reproduction
of the software and its written accompaniment is strictly forbidden, be this
in whole or part, in original or changed form, merged together with or enclosed
in other software.

6. Transference of right to use
The right to use the software can only be passed on to a third party with
written consent from seliSoft and in accordance with the terms of this
agreement. Hiring or lending the software out is strictly forbidden.

7. Agreement validity
This agreement is valid indefinitely. Should the licensee violate a condition
of the agreement his/her right to use the software automatically lapses without
prior notice. On the termination of the right to use (s)he is obliged to
destroy the original disk as well as the copies (including those modified) of
the software and written material.

8. Recovery of damages to the agreement
seliSoft point out that you will be held liable for any violation of the
copyright terms.

9. Updates
seliSoft are entitled to up-date software at their own discretion. They are
not obliged to make program up-dates available to those licensees who have
not paid the up-date fee.

10. seliSoft guarantee and liability
a) seliSoft ensure the original licensee that the data carrier (disk or CD)
which the software is recorded on and the accompanying hardware are free
from defects when subject to normal operating conditions and looked after
throughput performance.
b) Should the data carrier (disk or CD) or accompanying hardware be faulty,
the acquisitor can demand compensation delivery as long as the guarantee
is valid, which it is up to 6 months post delivery. To do this the disk
must be returned to either seliSoft or the dealer it was bought from, along
with its possibility accompanying hardware, the security copy, written
material and duplicate of the receipt/bill.
c) If a fault, as defined in 10b, is not made good by replacement delivery
within a reasonable length of time, the customer can either demand a
reduction: the purchase price, or contract rescission.
d) For the reasons mentioned above and in paragraph 1 seliSoft do not assume
liability for errors made by the software. seliSoft take above all no
responsibility for the software being sufficient for the acquisitor’s
demands and purposes, or for it working with other programs chosen by
her/himself. The purchaser alone carries responsibility for the
consequences of using the software, as well as for intended or achieved
results. The same applies to written material accompanying the software.
If the software cannot be used as defined in note 1 the purchaser has the
right to countermand the agreement. seliSoft have the same right when the
software serviceable, as defined in note 1, cannot be manufactured at
affordable cost.
e) seliSoft is not liable for damage unless it is caused with intent or by
gross negligence on their part. Liability for gross negligence is impossible
for those merchants. Liability for possible guaranteed features of seliSoft
is not affected. Liability for damage caused by defectiveness not covered
by the guarantee, is not possible even if seliSoft has been advised of the
possibility of such damages. Some states do not allow the limitation or
exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Be this case, seliSoft total
liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action, whether in
contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, exceed the amount paid
by you for the software.

11. Governing law
Any action related to this License will be governed by German law. No choice of
law rules of any jurisdiction will apply.

12. Multi-user packages, company licenses
If the copy of the Software you received was accompanied by a printed or other
form of "hard-copy" License whose terms vary from this agreement, then the
hardcopy License governs your use of the Software.

13. High risk activities
The Software is not fault-tolerant and is not designed, manufactured or
intended for use or resale as on-line control equipment in hazardous
environments requiring fail-safe performance, such as in the operation of
nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic
control, direct life support machines, or weapons systems, in which the failure
of the Software could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe
physical or environmental damage ("High Risk Activities").
seliSoft specifically disclaims any express or implied warranty of fitness for
High Risk Activities.

14. Trademarks and logos
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other
trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

seliSoft Softwareentwicklung
Irlhamer Str. 3
84371 Triftern

Tel: +49-8562-91 00 1
Fax: +49-8562-91 00 2


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